The online world congress for the inspiration of people like you and I: leaders, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, CEOs, the environmentally conscious, teachers, as well as people that want to be satisfied, happy and successful in the future.

The congress offers sources of inspiration from the world's most revolutionary thinkers, forged in the most respected establishments like Harvard & Co. Best selling authors, developers of new ways and models of thinking, that offer you a new direction! In a situation which we cannot control with experience, we must develop new solutions!


  • Highly relevant congress topic - high worldwide interest - innovative format - affordable price (from EUR 99)
  • High affiliate earnings (about EUR 30 per booking directly into the account, practically no effort!)
  • 100% "green" online congress
  • Target: 50,000 participants worldwide, 7 languages (German, English, Russian, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish)
  • The episodes can be seen as often as you like - and companies/teams/schools/universities can also book packages for several people to create learning and development at a very high level.
  • Furthermore included: worldwide networking on Mindchanger topics with participants and speakers
  • Built like a Netflix series that runs over 10 months (May 2020-February 2021) with 10 Seasons on a variety of life topics ranging from new models of thinking, politics, society and the environment to leadership, consulting, business management, change, innovation and learning to health, communication, ego and job management and culture. Each Season offers 10-15 episodes, contributions of 45 minutes each, which were created by the speakers just for this congress. You won't find this on Youtube!
  • In addition, the OPTI package offers the opportunity to get close, personal access to the speakers at the live webinars at the end of each season month - to ask in-depth questions and discuss projects/topics.

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